Interview to TV Record

Find out a little about Denise Batista's trajectory in the interview given to Vanessa Campos for TV RECORD's Lugar Ideal program, see her story of how she became a successful real estate broker in the United States.

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Brazil USA Women Award

Denise Batista has stood out in the Brazilian community in the United States for her professional performance, winning the Mulher Brasil USA award as a prominent entrepreneur in the community. Check out the article that Revista Mulher Brazil USA did, telling a little about her trajectory and photos of the award.

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Capa Revista Mulher Brazil USA
Matéria sobre Denise Batista para Revista Mulher Brazil USA

Orlando Real Estate Brazil USA Magazine

Denise Batista is part of the Florida Connexion Group team in which she was featured in Orlando Real Estate Brazil USA magazine, one of the most respected and known companies in the real estate industry in Orlando. Denise Batista is one of the outstanding brokers in the company in 2018 and has been doing an incredible job with excellence and dedication.

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Orlando Creative - Real Estate Awards 

Denise Batista was one of those nominated for her high performance in 2018, being one of the highlights of the Florida Connexion Group at the Orlando Creative - Real Estate Awards.


Cover of the newspaper Nossa Gente

Denise gave an interview and was on the cover of the newspaper Nossa Gente, telling about her trajectory on the internet and her growth on Youtube.

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Interview to Viva Disney and Orlando Blog

The focus and determination made Denise Batista one of the best known names in the sale of real estate in Orlando and the Region.

Meet Denise in a blog entry and see an interview that Viva Disney and Orlando did with this brokerage that is winning over Brazilians looking for a property in the city ...

In the interview, learn more about location, prices and types of properties in Orlando.


Featured in the Photos and Flashes column in Passos - MG

The dear Thiago Faleiros paid tribute to Denise Batista for the award and his high performance in Orlando, USA.